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iDiscover is not curriculum.

There is no monthly or quarterly subscription.

There are no pre-designed lessons to use.

iDiscover is a dynamic way of leading life-changing Bible study.

Whether you use a curriculum or just teach through the bible, iDiscover can help you lead the most engaging, thought-provoking and conversational Bible studies you've ever participated in.

Imagine if Your Key Leaders KNEW and AGREED on the Answers these Questions:
  1. Where are our greatest opportunities?
  2. Where are our greatest threats?
  3. What are the high likelihood implications that we must deal with? 
  4. Which ones do we have control over?
  5. Who is involved with these implications? 
  6. Who or what is our greatest ally for dealing with each significant item? 
  7. Who or what is our greatest roadblock for each significant item? 
  8. Which significant implications require our attention first?
  9. Which implications carry the greatest long-term significance and why?
  10. What must we go through to get to where we want to be?
Train Bible Study facilitators to lead engaging, thought-provoking, and conversational Bible Studies without depending on the curriculum lesson plan.