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Eli Bernard



The purpose of the iDiscover is to empower change in the lives of participants: lost lives saved, saved lives growing, growing lives serving. By involving participants in self-discovery of God’s Word, they hear from Him about their lives, gifts, attitudes, beliefs, and call.

While iDiscover is not a plan for a traditional "in-depth" Bible Study, the results can be joint and marrow deep.

  • Has your Bible Study ministry plateaued?
  • Do you have trouble involving new members in your Bible Study groups?
  • Do you have a transferable strategy to develop new leaders?
  • Are the participants in your Bible Study growing?
  • Do your teachers struggle to “pull together” a lesson on a regular basis?
  • Do your Bible Study leaders align their efforts with the purpose of your church and Bible Study ministry?
  • Do your teachers complain about or seek to change curriculum?
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